Trip Digital Black Friday Budget Loops WAV

Trip Digital Black Friday Budget Loops WAV

ip Digital Black Friday Budget Loops WAV

Happy 2019! The holidays are over, presents are opened, and a lot of money has been spent. Perfect timing for DJ Journey “Black Friday Budget Loops.” This sound pack gives you all that you need to make a cheap, Grammy Award-winning beat. So, get to work and have fun! Creativity sold separately.

20 Sounds

Trip Digital Inc. Is A Rapidly Expanding Music, Film, Technology, & Content Development Company. We Specialize In Music Production, Songwriting, Sound Design For Film/tv, Artist Development, And Audiovisual Content For The Entertainment Industry. We Operate Two Studio Offices In New York City And Los Angeles. Our Seasoned Artists & Engineers Have Developed An Innovative And Sustainable Approach To Songwriting, Music Production, Sound Design, Visual Content And Technology. As The Music, Film & Technology Industries Change, It Takes A Visionary Way Of Thinking, Business Structure, And Approach To Adapt To These Changes. Our Mission Is To Build And Unite The Film, Music, & Technology Industries Through Legendary Music And Art. We Also Strive To Empower And Educate The New Generation Of Artists & Content Creators.


Demo Preview:

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