TrakTrain Near You Sample Pack WAV

TrakTrain Near You Sample Pack WAV

TrakTrain Near You Sample Pack WAV

Traktrain presents the “Near You” Lo-Fi Sample Pack with 310 samples of various instruments. It contains bass, drum, vocal loops, as well as some plugin-generated samples, ambient sounds, and one-shots. This kit is perfect for making Lo-fi Hip-Hop or Chillwave. However, it will also shine in such genres as Soul Trap, Boombap, and Trip-Hop.

The “Near You” kit is packed with great sounds and great ideas. So it has the potential to inspire creativity in you, and therefore, admiration in your listeners. Above all, the distinctive feature of this sample pack is really very hip drum loops, every one in three variations. This allows you to layer the drums for your beats in different sections and create dynamics. And the same can be said for the melody stacks that offer several permutations of one musical fragment that can be mixed and matched together. FX and foley samples can add bonus points for the atmosphere of your tracks. The loops filenames contain tempo and key signature, and all the sounds used in them are available as one-shots as well.


For rappers looking for instrumentals with an extra side of haze, many turn to Traktrain’s community of 10,000 artists for experimental, lo fi, and chill atmospheres that characterize their library. Now, artists from TrakTrain step forward and bring their palette of sounds for the Splice community to explore. With truth to their motto, hop aboard the TrakTrain and create the tracks that’ll make your mark.


Demo Preview:

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