Tontario Nature’s Essence WAV

Tontario Nature's Essence WAV

Tontario Nature’s Essence WAV

Close your eyes and immerse yourself with the magical soundscape of a Scandinavian forest. Nature’s Essence is a heartfelt and ever so cinematic compilation of sounds inspired by nature’­s captivating yet vulnerable beauty. Bursting with organic details, Nature’s Essence is your premier getaway into a journey like no other.


Produced & recorded by an aspiring Finnish producer Tony Lagerstrôm, also known as Tontario, Nature’s Essence is undoubtedly this young prodigy’s finest work to date. Hundreds of hours spent in both studio sessions and field trips in Finland’s vast forests come together to a pack, where every detail, every sound and every moment is a testament to Lagerstrôm’s love towards his craft.


The Nature’s Essence sample pack contains over 250 loops and 150 one shots in high quality 24-bit Wav format. With multiple elements perfect for almost any genre of music, let your imagination run wild and explore new possibilities with the ever-diverse collection of recordings that Nature’s Essence will grant to your disposal.


– Made with superb attention to detail

– Creative recordings & uncompromising production

– Tools to create cinematic soundscapes for any genre of music

– Capture the essence of Scandinavian nature like never before

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