Paramount Motion TENET Premiere Pro Transitions

Paramount Motion TENET Premiere Pro Transitions

Paramount Motion TENET Premiere Pro Transitions

Keep the video moving Without distracting
As an editor, you want the video to progress without distractions, especially with interviews, documentaries, short films and narratives. Viewers can be thrown off by a hard cut with no transition, as well as a cut with a poorly done transition.
A successful transition should be seamless enough to keep the viewer engaged and following the story. Of course, not all your cuts will be invisible or perfectly blended. But they should be able to keep the video flowing without hiccups.

Improved pacing

An often overlooked video editing tip is pacing. Pacing, or timing, creates a natural flow to the video and can often be perfected with video transitions. If you ever notice that one video can look so much cleaner than another, but you’re not exactly sure why, it’s usually timing or pacing.

For example, If you’re editing a multicam interview, a correctly timed cut can emphasize a quote and sail you right into your next shot without issue. Once you add a neat transition, the changes between shots will feel natural and improve the quality of your videos.

Create catchy videos

It’s likely you’re reading about video editing tips online so you can create something snazzy for social media or YouTube videos. Swift and nifty social media videos are popular and productive for promoting products and a business. Video transitions will set your videos apart from the competition.

Incorporating the right type of transitions in the right spots of a 15-second social media teaser will be far more appealing than a sequence of shots with standard hard cuts. The most popular social media transitions I’ve seen lately are whip, stretch, zoom, and glitch transitions. With so much content out there, and a short consumer attention span, these types of transitions create constant movement and flow to draw in a viewer.

It just looks better

This one may be obvious, but a few advanced transitions will give your videos a more professional, polished look and make it look like you know what you’re doing.


But this comes with a warning: Don’t overdo it. Consumers can tell when an editor has just bought a pack of transitions online and dropped them between every cut. Transitions should be used sparingly and when fitting — adding every cool and stylish transition you can find can turn your video tacky.

  • TENET Transition Is a massive Adobe Premiere Pack containing over 2000 pre-created transitions.
  • Easy to use
  • Really well organized
  • Drag and drop transitions for Adobe Premiere
  • No extra plugins needed, just import everything
  • Digital download
  • Free updates after purchased
  • Will help to speed up your post-production workflow. Video tutorial is included.


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