Olli Pyjama Beats

Pyjama Beats

Olli Pyjama Beats
Size 281 Mb

‘Pyjama Beats’ is the dreamy creation of Finnish lo-fi producer Olli. This pack is full of sonic character, with particular attention paid to capturing an organic ‘close’ feel. This is achieved by retaining all of the subtle imperfections that come with an acoustic recording, such as: subtle hiss, vinyl crackles and room noise.

Olli makes full use of a wide variety of instruments, including: Glockenspiel, Ukulele, Music Box and Melodica. In his more experimental loops, Olli has also utilised more obscure instruments such as the Kinderklavier toy piano and Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano.

This ‘off-the-beaten-track’ pack is well suited to chillwave, ambient, minimal, trip hop and deep house styles, but would also work well on any track that needs to feel ‘intimate’.

Download today and explore a world of obscurity!

Special thanks to VHSParadise, Trashton, and Navienta for helping create the demo track for this pack.

Contains 192 24 Bit Wav Loops
361 MB Download Size

Demo Preview:=”1″]

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