MacProVideo Logic Pro X 304 More Logic Pro All Star Tips ‘N Tricks TUTORIAL

 Logic Pro All Star Tips 'N Tricks

MacProVideo Logic Pro X 304 More Logic Pro All Star Tips ‘N Tricks TUTORIAL

What do you get when some of the world’s best Logic Pro instructors get together to do a Tips and Tricks course? Simple: 20 innovative Logic Pro tutorial videos that will change the way you make music. Be sure to download the included project files!

Apple’s Logic Pro is a very deep DAW and in its depths lie many secrets that top tier producers discover and then deploy to produce their tracks. That’s why we occasionally urge our team of Logic trainers to share some of their secret techniques… and that is exactly what this course is all about.

Steve Horelick
Steve H uses Logic Pro for his live performances and his scoring TV, film and theater projects. In his collection of video tutorials, he shows off one of his favorite One-Knob Smart Control glitch patches and how he adds silence to Take Folders among a few other cool and useful tips.

Joshua Carney
Josh explores Logic’s classic EVOC 20 to create some vintage vocoder FX and reveals his awesome FX feedback to sound design some stellar sonic worlds. He then steers us forward some very practical videos on creating cue mixes and using hardware inserts.

Olav Basoski
Dance music producer and remixer, Olav Basoski, reveals a world of rhythmic glitchy dance music FX using Logic’s Noise Gate and its interactive side chain capabilities. Be sure to check out his Chord Trigger and Quick Sampler tips, too.

Joe Albano
Get ready for a deep dive into Logic’s more esoteric places as Joe dives into the Environment to create some ultimately useful studio tools and custom Drum Machine Designer mappings.

Rishabh Rajan
And in his collection of tips, Rishabh takes you beneath the surface of the Piano Roll, revealing the playful and powerful Brush tool, Note Handles and Note Repeat techniques.

There’s so much to learn in this Tips and Tricks course that we are convinced that you will walk away with some exciting new tools… tools that will change the way you approach your own music and productions. So what are you waiting for… dive in!


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