Loopmasters Hip Hop Shadows Vol 1


Loopmasters Hip Hop Shadows Vol 1
Size 544 Mb 

Out of the darkness comes Hip Hop shadows, the first in a brand new series of Royalty Free Hip Hop Samples from Loopmasters produced by the master of beats, Chemo. Bring the sound of organic Detroit Hip Hop to your productions, with over 1 Gigabyte of syncopated textures and authentic live instruments.
Taking influence from producers such as Black Milk and J Dilla, as well as pioneers Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke, this is a contemporary Hip Hop pack with organic warmth that comes from 30 years of Hip Hop knowledge. Concentrating on unconventional rhythms and swinging drums, this collection is the antithesis of the rigid, quantized sound that can leave tracks sounding mechanical and soulless.
Each kit is broken down into ready-made Loops and One Shot hits, to provide you with the flexibility to work effectively in any DAW. The pack contains 12 original tracks, divided into individual elements at tempos from 78-123BPM. In addition to Live Sampled Drum Kits, Hip Hop Shadows contains a host of musical instruments including Koto, Bass Guitar, Bells, Synths, Flute, Piano and Accordions – to give your productions an authentic, natural edge.
Using these tracks enables you to intertwine a myriad of sounds, to create your own lush tapestry of deeper Hip Hop. This Sample Pack has applications in a wide range of Genres, from Hip Hop to Leftfield, Downbeat, Ambient, Chill-out and faster Genres such as Breakbeat and House.
In detail expect to find 1.08 GB of content with 339 individual 24 Bit Wav files. There are a total of 115 Loops with 12 Bass Loops, 4 Pad Loops, 20 Synth loops, 5 Vox Loops, 14 Instrument Loops, and Full 14 Drum Loops. In addition o the full Drum Loops we have 12 Kick Loops, 7 Hat Loops, 10 Snare Loops, 10 Perc Loops and 7 FX Loops. A total of 224 Individual hits make up the rest of the pack, with 12 Drum and Instruments Kits. These 12 Kits are formatted for NNXT, Halion, Sfz, Kontakt and Esx24.
Break the mould today, with these authentic Hip Hop Samples! Listen to the demos above and download the free Taster Pack NOW!

1.08 GB
24 Bit Wav
12 Original Kits
12 Bass Loops
4 Pad Loops
20 Synth loops
5 Vox Loops
14 Instrument Loops
14 Full Drum Loops
12 Kick Loops
7 Hat Loops
10 Snare Loops
10 Perc Loops
7 FX Loops
224 Individual hits
12 Sampler Patches

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Demo Preview:

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