Grid Based Beats Hypnotic Beats Vol.2 WAV

Grid Based Beats Hypnotic Beats Vol.2 WAV

Grid Based Beats Hypnotic Beats Vol.2 WAV

Hypnotic Beats Volume 2 contains 61 synth and percussion loops designed for making dark, hypnotic techno. The samples were created from multiple sources including modular and vintage synthesizers. All samples are in the same musical key and tempo, which allows the sample pack to be completely interchangeable. In addition, various filter types and effects were used to create those bouncy, hypnotic textures. All individual one shot drums (kick, hats, etc.) used within the full loops can be found in our Warehouse Drums sample pack (GBBSP016). Recorded at 24bit and 44.1kHz.

61 Sounds

Grid Based Beats is a music production studio and techno label based out of Chicago. Our samples are created using analog gear including drum machines, vintage synths and a modular synthesizer system. While our focus and passion will always be Techno, our samples can be used in multiple electronic music genres. The samples created in our studio are surgically processed through a hybrid analog and digital chain, resulting in an efficient workflow to the end user. Just drop them in any DAW and go. Music IS Grid Based Beats

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