Gravez Ascension Kit 2

Gravez Ascension Kit 2
Size 176 Mb

Time for Round 2.

Since the first kit did extremly well, I’ve been working on a second installment that’s bigger and better. Just for my bedroom producers. I crafted this kit specifically for you guys to have a decent starting point to get those ideas out quicker. Also, made sure to include clean versions of the drums with enough headroom for you to shape any of the sounds to your liking. As a bonus, I even took the time to process a few of the samples through an old analog sampler I had lying around my room to get a warm mono feel if your into that sound. (Under the folders titled “Processed”)

20 Kicks (also Clean & Processed)
20 Snares (also Clean & Processed)
20 Hats (also Processed)
20 808s (in Key)
15 Melodies (Composed) (also Processed)
45 Misc (Custom Percussions & FX)

Hopefully, this kit can spark some ideas and I look forward to hearing what you homies create.

More music, kits, tutorials, vlogs, etc. soon.

Bless Up.


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