Dream Audio Tools South v1.0 KONTAKT

Dream Audio Tools South v1.0 KONTAKT

Dream Audio Tools South v1.0 KONTAKT

South is the new library featuring authentic Folk Percussive Sequences and Individual Percussion Instruments directly taken from Southern Italian Tradition.

Several tambourine sizes and types used, including traditional Tammorra, Pizzica and even a custom Tar. All loops are tempo synced. Individual sustained instruments are multisampled and have multiple round robins. Additional rolls and effects are included.

Instruments used:

  • A Big tambourine, which is about 45 cm diameter with rings
  • A custom Tar, which is 30 centimeters diameter with no rings
  • A traditional Big Tammorra, handmade, 45 cm diameter made of sheep skin with large rings (not included in the sustained patches due to the inner nature of the rings)
  • A second traditional Big Tammorra, 45 cm diameter with small rings.

South is the perfect tool for adding that ethnic percussive athmosphere to several music styles, ranging from Cinematic/Score to Pop/RnB/Hip Hop.

The library contains the following sounds/patches

  • Loops and sequences (8 patches+1 Keyswitch patch) Tempo synced percussion kits featuring Big Tambourine, Tammora, Pizzica and Custom Tar. Over 250 loops plus variations.
  • Individual sustained percussions (3 patches) Individual playable kits for Big Tambourine, Tammorra and Custom Tar. All kits are multisampled and have at least three round robins. Rolls and effects are included for Big Tambourine and Tammorra.
  • Tempo synced

Key Features:

All samples 24 bit 44.100 Khz

800 Mbytes of sampled material

A comprehensive choice of Percussive Patterns and

Loops, Sustained Individual Percussion Kits, including rolls and effects

11.nki patches

Low memory usage, Laptop ready

Reverb and Delay available

Please note: full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.3 or above is required



Demo Preview:

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