Denise Audio poltergate v1.1.0 VST VST3 AU AAX

Denise Audio poltergate v1.0.0 VST VST3 AU AAX

Denise Audio poltergate v1.1.0 VST VST3 AU AAX

Shape live drums, samples or any source you like in a swift, creative and intuitive way. Achieve better noise reduction, instrument separation and de-bleeding in a plugin optimised for power, fast results and creativity.

Creative Looping

Use poltergate creatively thanks to its extended feature set and go a bit crazy if you want to!

For example, use the EQ graph and spike to target whatever instrument you would like to use in a sampled loop.

Then set the release to sync the tempo and even automate it to create rhythmic effects, using the curve feature to tweak the feel of it.

Then, with the dynamics section, exaggerate the attack or the fat, even going into clipping territory to turn it into something really different.

Bleed Shall Not Pass!

For poltergate, denise created their own, unique de-bleeding algorithm to achieve the precision they wanted. With just three intuitive knobs, you can keep the bleed out while preserving both the punch and the resonance of the drum.

It’s triggered by the same threshold as the gate, so you can save time by adjusting both the gate and the de-bleeder at once rather than separately. Take care of that cymbal spill and low-end rumble on toms like nothing else.


The process of creating poltergate was a close collaboration between the members of the denise team. Tweaking settings and experimenting with the optimal algorithm was a very precise and time-consuming process: for months, denise created various versions of the plugin, sometimes several a day.

In the end, they decided to create their own de-bleeding technology to achieve the result they wanted and introduced specific options like the spike shaper.

denise also put extra consideration into the graph’s colours and clarity to make it as easy as possible to see what’s going on.

Full Control Over Your Dynamics

The dynamics tab combines limiting, clipping & transient shaping. Exaggerate the attack or punch, even going into clipping territory to turn it into something really different.


  • Built-in Sidechain EQ Graph – Detection of the signal in maximum detail.
  • Transient Design, Gating and De-Bleeding in One – New possibilities and time-saving.
  • Spike Control – Unique feature to detect transients more easily.
  • Presets – Perfect to get you going.
  • Transparent Clipper – Shape & colour to make your sound extra thick.
  • Unique De-Bleeder Algorithm – Bleed shall not pass with these 3 simple controls.
  • Audition Mode – Listen isolated to what’s being gated.
  • Flip – Reverse gate to hear what’s left out of the signal.


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