Cymatics Organics Foley Bundle WAV

Cymatics Organics Foley Bundle WAV

Cymatics Organics Foley Bundle WAV
Size 857 Mb

Organics Foley Bundle

The use of organic sounds and foley recordings have started playing a major role in modern day music production.

Artists like Flume and Odesza have built incredible tracks, using real world sounds along the way to add an authentic, human feel to their music.

Since professionally recorded foley samples are very difficult to find, we visited Atlanta’s gorgeous 800 East Studio Professional Foley Studio and captured everything from hollowed plank hits to rattling chimes and aluminum baseball bat hits.

We even took our CSS-50 Dual-Field Cardioid Microphone on a journey through Atlanta, Georgia to record the screeching echoes of deep underground subway stations, crowded parks full of background conversations, and much more!

The reason we went all out on these packs is because we know just how unique and memorable something as simple as a breakdown can be when you add organic foley samples and ambience to the mix.

Whether you want to infuse your song with the feel of grimy street corners or bring your percussion to life with high fidelity foley layers, download our Organic Foley Bundle now!

Included in this bundle:

Organics City Ambience – 80 Foley Recordings
Organics Water – 131 Foley Recordings
Organics Metal – 469 Foley Recordings
Organics Wood – 251 Foley Recordings

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