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REAPER Themes Collection v.2022

REAPER Themes Collection v.2022 Fourth installment of the most Epic compilation ever to be conceived.. REAPER Themes Collection v.2022 The (almost) Complete Collection of Reaper Themes, tightly packed for your convenience. All Thanks/Credits/Kudos to...


Strix Instruments EMISYNTH KONTAKT

Strix Instruments EMISYNTH KONTAKT A Unique Collectable Library of Synthesizers that Keeps a Print of Time In this library, Strix Instruments have collected eleven unique Soviet children’s synthesizers, which have survived to this day:...


EMPYREAL Atmosphere Designer KONTAKT

EMPYREAL Atmosphere Designer KONTAKT EMPYREAL AD is an advanced atmosphere designer, streamlined to be as creative and as easy to use as possible. For too long, manually designing quality atmospheres has been a painful...