AudeoBox Booster Pack – Trap Hats WAV

Booster Pack Trap Hats

AudeoBox Booster Pack Trap Hats WAV

A companion piece to our legacy Jetpack collections, Booster Packs will explore hyperly specific aspects of production techniques and tools, to bring hone in on simplifying the work you don’t need to do, so what better place to start than Trap Hats.

With the combined talents of Q Rock SVGAR, Fyre and overseen by Skimmy, Booster Pack: Trap Hats, is a one stop shop for every type of trap hat loop or sound you could want. From one-shots to rolls to recreations, BP is both plug and play, while also giving you the flexibility of choice.

Pulling inspiration from todays best, Booster Pack: Trap Hats was created for work worth of today’s rap heavyweights such as Drake, Migos, Roddy Rich, and DaBaby. You’ll find way more than your usual suspects, with no pattern or sound being spared.


· 28 120BPM Hat Loops
· 27 130BPM Hat Loops
· 28 140BPM Hat Loops
· 27 150BPM Hat Loops
· 25 160BPM Hat Loops
· 19 Hi Hat Rolls
· 10 Industrial Hat Loops
· 15 Hi Hat One Shots
· 10 Open Hat One Shots
· 17 Q Rock Hi Hat Loops
· 12 Skimmy Signature Hat Loops


Demo Preview:

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