Algonaut Atlas 2 v2.0.2 [WIN]

Algonaut Atlas 2 v2.0.2 VST2 VST3 STANDALONE [WIN]

Algonaut has announced the release of a massive update to its Atlas software designed to turn samples into music.

The Atlas 2 drum machine and sample manager brings new features such as a fast and powerful Drum Sequencer, Sample Variation/Humanization engine, and a new Content Browser that makes managing and recombining drum kits and sequencers easy. On top of this there are hundreds of smaller improvements to every aspect of the original Atlas.

In particular the Drum Sequencer has been built from the start to be fast but flexible. The idea was to take the workflow-speed of traditional step-sequencers (like the much-loved FL-Studio one), but give it the extra flexibility of piano-roll editors when you need it. Get that idea down fast while it’s fresh. then tweak in all the little flourishes that make a beat really come alive.

The new Content Browser shines once you’ve got a few beats. Easily bring in patterns or sounds from other beats, remake and remix them, and build a library that sounds like you. Sometimes you want to just sit down and jump straight into trying song ideas and Atlas is now the fastest way to do that while maintaining your own style.

At the start of 2020 I set a personal goal to create a beat every single day in Atlas 2 while it was being developed. Many of the beta testers did the same. The result was hundreds of major and minor improvements along the way. Sometimes a button was too hard to click, or a feature was not accessible enough, or even some feature that seemed like a good idea on paper was just bloat in reality. It all got tweaked, finessed, or fixed.

Sample Map


No more unwieldy file lists! Let our AI find and organize all your drum sounds. Your eyes and ears can now tell you which direction to search in.


Build as many different maps as you want. Atlas lets you instantly change between them.


We handle all the major formats and a lot of the less common ones too: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, MP3, WMA +more

Drum Kit


  • Choose your own sounds or let Atlas quickly provide inspiration.
  • Embed your samples into your DAW project for guaranteed sample saving so you can easily backup and collaborate. Never have missing sample files again.
  • Multi-select Drum Pads and drag them out to your OS or other applications like Ableton’s Drum Rack.


  • Easily accessible common editing controls. Automatable in your DAW.
  • Advanced editing for finer details.


  • Change the Drum Pad layout to match any hardware from Launchpad to Maschine.
  • Pad layouts: 1×8, 2×8, 4×4, 8×8
  • MIDI map key functions to avoid reaching for the mouse.

Drum Sequencer

Your inspiration for creative rhythm.


  • Export to MIDI and Audio loops.
  • Built for drums, fast and flexible. The best parts of a step-sequencer and a piano-roll merged together.
  • Quickly combine and modify your existing sequences to create new ones in your style.
  • Drag-drop Import MIDI files. Original timing is preserved.
  • Mix and match step timings for triplets and fast fills..
  • Polyrhythm to create complex rhythms.
  • Record in. Play it live.
  • Mirror edit to save repetitive mouse clicks.
  • MIDI out to play other plugins or hardware.
  • Easily export sequences and drive Atlas from your DAW when it’s time to dig into song arrangement.

Content Browser

Save, Load, Re-combine

Mix and match your Drum Kits and Sequences to create new

OS File system integration

Rename, move, copy, delete, and backup anything in your OS and Atlas will handle it.

Free content

1500 drum sample map included. (optional download)
Free Drum Kits, Sequences, and Loops to get you started.


New content packs appear and can be downloaded from right inside the Browser.


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