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Includes: – How to Make a Dubstep Lead in Xfer Serum + 1 Wavetable + 1 FXP Serum + 1 Noise – Making an 808 Bass In Ableton + Ableton Project – Mastering Xfer Serum’s Noise Section + 5 Noise – AOM vs PRO-L Limiter – Creating Wide Stereo Vocals – Generate Crazy FX With Ableton’s Device Randomizer – How To Add Analog Warmth with Waves NLS – How to Make Kicks With Stock Plugins in FL Studio – How to Make Sweeps FX with Stock Plugins – How to Make Uplifters & Downlifters with Stock Plugins – How to Master using API Plugins – How To Turn Any Sample Into An FM Style Lead In Ableton – How to Warm Vocals With Izotope Nectar 2 – Layering House Pianos – The Basics of Mastering with Ozone 6 – Using OTT as a Mastering Tool


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