Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.6.1 for Win & Mac


Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.6.1
Size Win/x32 910 Mb/x64 927 Mb // Mac /x32 910 Mb/x64 912 Mb

Ableton Live lets you easily create, produce and perform music within one intuitive interface. Live keeps everything in sync and works in real-time, so you can play and modify your musical ideas without interrupting the creative flow.

Live comes with a versatile collection of instruments, sounds, kits and loops for creating any kind of music and provides a full complement of effects to tweak and process your sound.

Ableton Live 9 Suite includes:
Ableton Live
9 Instruments to try (including Drum Racks, Operator, Sampler, Analog and more)
41 Effects for processing audio and MIDI (including Beat Repeat, Amp, Vocoder, The Glue and lots more)
Instant mappings so you can use Live with your keyboards or controller.
Max for Live so you have access to a range of instruments, effects and customizations created by the Live community.

Device selection would stop working when using Control Surfaces based on User Remote Scripts.
Live could crash if Simpler contained a very long audio file.
Occasionally, the grid lines for certain devices (e.g the Frequency Display in EQ Eight, the Bandpass Display in Overdrive) would not be drawn under the 64-bit version on Windows.
The Complex and Complex Pro Warp algorithms that were updated and optimized in 9.6.1b1 have been rolled back to the previous version, as the new algorithms could produce audio artefacts under some circumstances.

Changes for Push:
When working with Simpler or Audio Clips on Push 2, the display would scroll erratically if sample Start and End were adjusted at the same time and the active sample region was partially offscreen.
The Channel meters on Push 2 could display erratic activity for the currently selected track.
Under certain circumstances, LED feedback from Push User mode would be displayed also after going back to Live mode.
On Push 2, when entering Device ‘Edit mode’ for a device loaded into a Drum Rack, this would not be exited correctly upon selecting a different pad.
On Simpler and Audio Clips, the waveform view on Push 2 would scroll erratically when tweaking start and end markers at the same time, if the sample active region was partially outside the display.
In Simpler, Waveform Slice points and Start, End flags displayed the wrong color when switching between tracks of different color.
When duplicating an Audio Clip or a Drum Rack pad based on Simpler, the waveform visualization of the copied item would not be preserved.


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