A Thousand Beats from Brazil WAV

A Thousand Beats from Brazil WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE

A Thousand Beats from Brazil WAV
Size 1.1 Gb

‘A Thousand Beats From Brazil’ comes from the sun-drenched rhythm collection straight from the streets of Rio. The pack features, yes you guessed it, over a thousand rhythm loops specifically cut and edited so you can create infinite Latin-based rhythm progressions in your tracks. It’s been a while since PBB dropped a percussion pack, so it had to be done in style.

Welcome to your new essential loop collection for Latin drums and percussion, specially recorded and mixed for House styles and EDM.

This is essentially like having your own Brazilian carnival band with over 20 master percussionists, professionally mic’d up, surgically EQ’d to remove dissonance and ready to drop into your tracks with no need for additional work.

The collection is designed to be combined in any way you want, giving you the ability to create any kind of rhythmic progression, from simple minimal additions, groove helpers, fills, rolls, crescendos to incredibly big ensemble drumming experiences.

As well as the hundreds of natural seamless loop stems with essential human dynamics, you will find hundreds of processed loops which are specially designed as more Minimal, House and EDM percussion building blocks.

Group mixes are combined instruments featuring natural and processed versions working together to create deep layered or evolving percussion stems
High-end mixes use the same principle, with only instruments with sit in the higher frequency ranges in your productions.

The majority of loops are components parts of individual percussion instruments, each loop with a different rhythm pattern for creating evolving rythms of every conceivable pattern.

Natural loops are recordings which are EQ’d and edited precisely, however the timings are left with the original human feel. Processed loops are EQ’d and then edited in a manner to make them fit immediately with common EDM uses, specific frequency ranges minimised to avoid kick drum clutter, volume and filter modulation (similar to side chaining) to give the loops pulse and space in the mix.

All loops are interchangeable at 128 BPM. WAV, AIFF and Ableton live formats are available.

Full Instrument List:

• Afoxe
• Agogo
• Atabaque
• Caxirola
• Caxixi
• Cuica
• Ganza
• Gongue
• Hand-repique
• Pandeiro
• Repinque
• Ring-repique
• Shekere
• Surdo Large
• Surdo Medium
• Surdo Small
• Tambourin
• Tan-Tan
• Timbau
• Triangle

This collection will be your go-to pack for percussion loops, for years to come. Download now and bring the power of a thousand beats from Brazil into your music today!

Product Details:

• 24-Bit Quality
• 1.69 GB
• 1,135 WAV Loops
• 250 Group Mixes
• 100 High End Mixes
• 43 Natural Bell loops
• 53 Processed Bell loops
• 25 Natural Cuica Loops
• 20 Processed Cuica Loops
• 13 Natural Metal Percussion Loops
• 15 Processed Metal Percussion Loops
• 19 Natural Pandero Loops
• 30 Processed Pandero Loops
• 44 Assorted Repinique Loops
• 49 Natural Shaker Loops
• 91 Processed Shaker Loops
• 91 Assorted Snare Loops
• 15 Natural Large Surdo Loops
• 14 Natural Medium Surdo Loops
• 15 Processed Medium Surdo Loops
• 40 Natural Small Surdo Loops
• 40 Processed Small Surdo Loops
• 22 Natural Tambourine Loops
• 30 Processed Tambourine Loops
• 20 Natural Timbau Loops
• 25 Processed Timbau Loops
• 12 Natural Triangle Loops
• 10 Processed Triangle Loops
• 21 Natural Wood Percussion Loops
• 35 Processed Wood Percussion Loops

Demo Preview:

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