3AM Lofi – Lofi Hip-Hop & Bedroom Beats WAV

3AM Lofi - Lofi Hip-Hop & Bedroom Beats WAV

3AM Lofi – Lofi Hip-Hop & Bedroom Beats WAV
Size 369 Mb

Dive into the night with 3AM Lofi – Lofi Hip-Hop & Bedroom Beats’and explore a mix of modern, dusty, jazzy melodies fused with lo-res drums. This moving library blends traditional instruments with new processing techniques to create a warm and intimate sound so authentic that it feels like vinyl ripped straight from the crates. If you’re into 24/7 chilled youtube streams, beats to study to and jazzy nostalgic origins, this pack is made just for you!

Crunchy low-res drums & percussions

If you’re looking for crunchy, crisp, and cracking drum hits, this pack features a plethora of beach-hazed beats. We precisely focused on the organic feel of the beats to bring you that nostalgia-drenched timbre typical for aesthetic hip-hop instrumentals. All beats come as full drum loops, stripped-down stems and one shots for the maximum variability.

Lush dusty chords & melodies

Our melody collection truly captures the unique lofi mood. Beautifully wide palette of mellow pianos, broken rhodes, tape-saturated pads and live-recorded guitars makes a great combination for the late-night study music. Every sound has been carefully key-tagged and tempo-synced for easy use.

Blissful atmospheres & vocal loops

‘3AM Lofi – Lofi Hip-Hop & Bedroom Beats’ contains a barrage of various distant atmospheres and re-amped vocal recordings. Not only we processed all of our sounds with hardware preamp to boost the saturation, grit and low-res character, we also made sure to provide a wealth of conscientiously crafted distortion sounds to give your production that extra organic feel.

Authentic vinyl FX & nature sounds

The FX folder is packed with a wealthy selection of live-recorded vinyl crackles and landscape foley for capturing the hypnotising mood that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your music.

Grab ‘3AM Lofi – Lofi Hip-Hop & Bedroom Beats’ NOW!

This Pack Contains:

  • Atmosphere Loops (18)
  • Bass Loops (14)
  • Drum & Percussion Loops (60)
  • Drum & Percussion One Shots (64)
  • FX (29)
  • Melodic Content (40)
  • Vocal Loops (16)

Demo Preview:

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