30 Day Singer Jazz Style For Beginners TUTORIAL

Jazz Style For Beginners

30 Day Singer Jazz Style For Beginners TUTORIAL

While every jazz singer has their own unique tone and style, there are a few common elements we can practice to embody traditional jazz vocal style. Here are some common styles: swung rhythm, smooth, easy tone, gravelly, even choppy tone, smooth, effortless tone, and last, we have vibrato & embellishment. With each lesson in this series, we’ll take a jazz standard to practice with.

Join Camille for a warmup focused on chromaticism, another important element of jazz music!

Here are the lead sheets for the songs discussed in this tutorial:

“Let Me Call You Sweetheart” lead sheet PDF: https://library.indstate.edu/about/units/rbsc/kirk/PDFs/sm1910_let.pdf

“By The Light Of The Silvery Moon” lead sheet PDF: https://levysheetmusic.mse.jhu.edu/collection/145/108

“It Had To Be You” lead sheet PDF: http://www.tanglinclub.org.sg/hosted/Choir/It%20Had%20To%20Be%20You.pdf


  • 1: Welcome
  • 2: Warmup
  • 3: Swung Rhythm
  • 4: Smooth Easy Tone
  • 5: Vibrato & Embellishment
  • 6: Conclusion

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